PS4 Controller USB Charging Port Socket latest FJDS 055 050 circuit Board 12 pin

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This is the perfect item for you if you are unable to charge and/or the USB connector has been physically damaged.

Fixes the following issues :

  • Device does not power on or receives intermittent 
  • You have to "hold" or move the USB adapter plug tip to gain a power connection 
  • Device randomly shuts down without any warning 
  • The power jack wiggles & feels loose 
  • The device runs only on a charged battery 
  • The battery will not charge

Please note, various versions are available and you should always check your controller first to confirm which part you require.

You will receive the following:

1x 12 pin jds 055 050 PlayStation 4 usb charging port circuit board

To install this item you will need to dismantle the controller and remove the old circuit board and cable, videos of how to do this can be found on you tube.