PS4 Pro Controller chrome Full Buttons Set JDM-040 D-Pad Trigger LT RT LB RB

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These button replacements will fit third generation PS4 Pro controller controllers without any modification, give your controller a unique new look.

Each set includes

2 x trigger buttons (L2 R2),

2 x trigger springs,

2 x shoulder buttons (L1 R1),

1 x directional pad,

4 x action buttons,

1 x share button,

1 x option button

1 x home button.

The parts are almost identical to the originals so you will feel no noticable difference using the replacements.Technical installation required,

controller must be opened to install which may void any warranty.You will need a philips #00 cross head screwdriver to install (not included).

PLEASE NOTE: This set is only compatible with PS4 Pro JDM-040 controller housing shells, please check compatability before purchase.