Xbox One Controller Version 2 & Elite V1 Full Button Set

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Xbox One controller custom full button set 

This listing is for the following :

1x ABXY white buttons

1x Guide home button surround

2X Thumb sticks

1x Guide button

1x LB and RB button

1x Left trigger and right trigger

1x Sync button

1x Dpad

Tools Required 

T8 Security Torx Screwdriver and T6 screwdriver required to open the controller and remove the internal circuit board - Available in our store

Compatible Controllers

These button sets will fit :
Model -1697 Version 2 with the 3.5mm earphone jack 
Model -1698 Xbox Elite series 1 

This will not fit 
Model 1537- Standard controllers supplied with the original Version 1 Xbox One 
Xbox One S Controllers or the new xbox one Elite series 2 Controller