Xbox One Elite Series 1 Controller Rear Paddles

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Xbox One Elite Series 1 Controller Paddles 

You will receive as pictured 

2x Short Paddles 

2x Long Paddles

All in the colour of your choice 

Tools Required 

No Tools required to fit these simply pull out your old paddles and fit these in the same holes on the back of the controller 

Compatible Controllers

These button sets will fit :
Model -1698 Xbox Elite series 1 
These button sets will not fit :
Xbox one Elite series 2 Controller
Model -1697 Version 2 with the 3.5mm earphone jack 
Xbox One S /X Controllers 
Model 1537- Standard controllers supplied with the original Version 1 Xbox One 
Please see display photos for further reference
Please note these are the Version 1 style length so are slightly longer then the elite version 2 controllers standard size .